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Tim Lewis

Research Associate

Tim Lewis has a number of years experience working in graduate and middle management roles within the IT quality  assurance, quality management, compliance and risk work streams for a number of organisations large and small within the Retail, IT  software, and Financial Service IT and digital sectors.

He has BA (Hons) degree in Geography from the School of Social Science at the University of Sussex. One of his final year contextual course modules led him to interview an attourney at the Security and Exchange Commission in New York, as part of an extended essay on Financial Regulation. His final year project was based upon an employee opinion survey relating to a Head office relocation from London to the Home Counties.

Tim recently gained an MSc in Corporate Governance and Ethics from Birkbeck College, University of London whilst working full time. His final year project featured a  banking case study, relating to Banking Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Repsonsibiliy in the wake of the Financial Crisis 2008 and its impact upon employee engagement and committment.

Working full time and studying part-time, his research interests include new, critical and alternative approaches to Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility, Board Composition and Remuneration and its impact upon Corporate Strategy, Transformation, Culture, Performance and Risk. He presented a paper at the 25th SASE conference in Milan and has regularly attended the LCCGE Research Seminar series.


London Centre for Corporate Governance and Ethics

London Centre for Corporate Governance and Ethics

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