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Simon Turner

Research Associate

Simon Turner is Senior Research Associate within the Department of Applied Health Research (DAHR), University College London. Prior to joining UCL, he held research positions at King’s College London (2010-2012), the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (2008-2010) and the Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge (2007-2008).

His research interests lie in the application of social theory to managerial and professional practice, particularly situated learning theory. He is currently conducting research on how formal and informal governance arrangements within NHS hospitals shape frontline practices of patient safety.

He holds a PhD grounded in social anthropology from the University of Durham (2006) and masters (2002) and bachelors (2001) degrees in human geography from the University of Birmingham.

For further information, please visit DAHR's website.

Recent publications

  • Turner S, Lourenco A (2012) Competition and public service broadcasting: stimulating creativity or servicing capital? Socio-Economic Review 10.3: 495-523.
  • Turner S, Allen P, Bartlett W, Perotin V (2011) Innovation and the English National Health Service: A qualitative study of the independent sector treatment centre programme, Social Science & Medicine 73.4: 522-529.
  • Turner, S (2010) Networks of learning within the English wine industry, Journal of Economic Geography 10.5: 685-715.
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