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Olivier Butzbach

Research Associate

Olivier Butzbach is a Fellow at King’s College London (Department of Management) and a Researcher at the Second University of Naples (Italy).

His research interests lie in the field of comparative political economy, comparative banking systems and non-profit banking. In particular, Olivier focuses on analyzing the dynamics of institutional change at the organizational level in banks and banking associations. Olivier is especially interested in uncovering the linkages between macro-institutional change (such as the twin processes of neoliberal reforms and financialization) and the transformations of the banking industry, including, in particular, non-profit banks. Olivier’s research has so far delved into European savings and cooperative banks; he is now looking at British building societies. Another ongoing research project is concerned with the theoretical bases of non-profit banking. Finally, Olivier is interested in more general terms in the role institutional change plays in the dynamics of contemporary capitalism.

Olivier holds a PhD in political science from the European University Institute in Florence (Italy), an MA in International studies from the Johns Hopkins University – SAIS (USA); and a BA in political studies from Sciences-po Paris (France).

London Centre for Corporate Governance and Ethics

London Centre for Corporate Governance and Ethics

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