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Jason Glaser

Research Associate

Jason Glaser is Co-Founder and President of La Isla Foundation, an NGO dedicated to addressing the emergent chronic kidney disease epidemic as experienced by sugar cane workers in Central America. This new form of the disease has no established cause and Jason has been instrumental in assembling a diverse and impressive team of public health and human rights researchers from both leading regional and international institutions. He is also the founder of Affected Films.

Jason's research and life's work focuses on corporate accountability in industrial agriculture in Latin America.  Specific areas of interest include the banana, sugar and related biofuel industries. Worker's rights and the disconnect between what a company claims via PR mechanisms and what occurs on the ground are a top priority.

Perhaps more important is his current collaboration with one of Birkbeck's MSc research students in Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, Manuel Vargas.

The aim of this research is to publish a study that looks into the disconnect between PR claims and actual work practices, as well as the lack of compliance with local and international law and certifications by one of Central America's largest ethanol and sugar producers.  In this, Jason and Manuel are collaborating with other researchers and are open to working with other qualified researchers.

London Centre for Corporate Governance and Ethics

London Centre for Corporate Governance and Ethics

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