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Ian Stevens

Research Associate

Ian has academic interests in Corporate Law, Finance and Accounting, and Corporate Governance. He is doing a PhD at King’s College, London, researching Board decision-making in the FTSE100.

Ian has worked for international companies including Ernst & Whinney, Unilever, Boots and Gillette, gaining further experience from consulting to corporate institutions including Anglo American and Old Mutual. While in South Africa, he was instrumental in establishing a national multi-branch book and multimedia retail chain.

Since moving to the UK, his engagements were both consultative and entrepreneurial, including building a dot com start-up, and troubleshooting and general management in finance, retail, contract manufacturing and high technology electronics.

Ian was a recent student on the Birkbeck MRes Corporate Governance and Ethics course. He is a Chartered Secretary, and was awarded a MBA, and a LLM in corporate governance from the University of Portsmouth; where he teaches decision-making, and risk and strategy at Masters level.

His prior research has included an analysis of the sustainability agendas of FTSE100 companies, and the origins and efficacy of the UK Stewardship Code. He participated in the review of the Higgs Guidance from which the FRC Board Effectiveness Guidance emerged, and has been a panel member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators’ Round Table focus on the future role of the secretariat.

Ian shows broader interest in contributing to society at a practical level, through conducting governance audits in the Charity Sector for ICSA, and through his appointment to the magistracy.

He was a shortlisted finalist of the International Ashridge Sustainable Innovation Awards: Creating Value from the Shift to a Low Carbon Economy, and his submission was published by the ACCA.

London Centre for Corporate Governance and Ethics

London Centre for Corporate Governance and Ethics

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