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Anne-France Betsch Kennedy

Research Associate

Anne-France Betsch Kennedy is a Social Business consultant working for start-up businesses and corporations. She has international experience at executive level in business development, income generating ventures, corporate social responsibility, finance and project management acquired in the third sector, media and retail organizations ranging from large corporations to start-ups.

Anne-France currently works for the ON5 Company, promoting Energy Efficiency services to businesses after having run lately a mentoring network for start-ups called the New Sparks.

She has BA (Hons) degree in Economics and Finance from the Institut D’Etudes Politiques (Paris, France). She recently gained an MSc in Corporate Governance and Ethics from Birkbeck College, University of London whilst working full time. Her final year research project looked into the opportunities and challenges that large corporations would need to face to become Corporate Social Enterprises. Anne-France is a supporter of several think tanks, including, the Blue Print for Better Business, the New Economics Foundation and Positive Money.

Her research interests include new, critical and alternative approaches to business models and organisations that would apply the principles of the Circular Economy as well as being organised and led by a new business culture based on trust and transparency.

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